Annual Hackathon Hosted by the ACM Chapter of KU

HackKU is an annual 36-hour hackathon at the University of Kansas, where students can have the opportunity to innovate new ideas, discover different paths, and push the boundaries of technology.

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Eligibility is specified in our rules.


Although we have a theme for the hackathon, you are not limited to building around that theme; however, this will cost against you in the judging process because one of the criteria relates to theme.

It should be noted that building with certain technologies will make your team eligible for special prizes.


To Be Announced...

To Be Announced...
To Be Announced...

Judging Criteria

  • Theme
    Does your project tie into the theme?
  • Technology
    Does your project utilize impressive technologies?
  • Completeness
    Does your project fulfill its task?
  • Presentation
    Was the project presented well to you?
  • Learning
    Did you and your team learn new things?
  • Novelty
    Is the project creative or novel?
  • User Experience
    Is your project easy and satisfying to use?
  • Visuals
    Does your project look good?